Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth at home is part of routine, everyday dental care — but that’s not enough to ensure good oral health. A professional dental cleaning is recommended periodically to help you attain optimal dental health and avoid medical , dental issues associated with inadequate oral hygiene.

Why is Dental Cleaning Important?

Prevent cavities and tooth decay

Tooth decay (or dental caries) results when microbial biofilm (plaque) formed on the tooth surface converts the sugars contained in foods and drinks into acids that dissolve tooth enamel and dentine over time. With continued high intake of free sugars, inadequate exposure to fluoride and without regular plaque removable, tooth structures are destroyed, resulting in the development of cavities and pain, impacts on oral-health-related quality of life, and, in the advanced stage, tooth loss and systemic infection.

Regular brushing and flossing at home is still the best way to remove plaque and combat tooth decay. A professional dental cleaning will remove hard-to-reach plaque and tartar around a tooth and is often accompanied by fluoride application which will help strengthen the enamel of a tooth. Our hygienists will be able to assess how effective your at-home oral care routine is, make recommendations on how to improve and teach new techniques vital to maintaining good oral health.

Avoid Plaque and Tartar Buildup Leading to Periodontal Disease

Over time, plaque and tartar buildup doesn’t just lead to tooth decay — it can lead to other serious oral health issues like periodontal disease. When they are allowed to buildup and accumulate in the mouth , gum inflammation, infection and bone loss can occur which can lead to loosening and in severe cases, loss of teeth. Periodic appointments with our hygienists to remove plaque and tartar buildup will help to prevent periodontal disease from occuring. If you unfortunately already have periodontal disease, regular removal of plaque and tartar is one of the most beneficial treatments required to improve the condition.

Whiten Teeth

Strong and healthy teeth are typically white in colour, but common eating and drinking habits like drinking coffee, tea, wine, and the use of tobacco products can all stain teeth. While regular brushing helps to avoid these stains becoming permanent, regular dental cleaning can help eliminate hard-to-remove stains. Stained or discoloured teeth may have a wide range of underlying causes, and may respond differently to treatment. If you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, let us know, and the most effective solutions can be recommended.

Maintain Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health is connected to your systemic health? Poor oral health and gum disease is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and infection. Additionally, over 100 medical conditions have oral manifestations, and over 500 medications can have oral side effects. Improving and maintaining good oral health is an important part of having good general health.

How Often Should You Have a Cleaning?

Everyone has heard of the six-month rule — it is generally recommended to have a dental cleaning every six months in order to help maintain good oral health. But one of the most common questions that people have is whether this rule applies to everyone or not, and how often they should have their cleaning.

While having a dental cleaning every six months is a good rule of thumb, note that the rate of plaque and tartar buildup varies for everyone and it largely depends on the effectiveness of everyday oral care practiced at home. For some people, coming every three to four months is more beneficial. We can determine and recommend what frequency of coming in for a dental cleaning would be best for you .

Why Choose Horizon Dental?

At Horizon Dental, we are committed to helping every patient attain good oral health through dental treatments that are customized according to their needs. Supplementing the professional expertise of our staff is our dedication to delivering excellent dental care with gentleness, compassion and high-quality service, so our patients know that they are in the best hands.

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