Sports Mouth Guards

Facial injuries that affect the teeth are common in contact sports. A sports mouth guard protects against severe dental trauma. With the right protection, you can avoid the need for extensive dental treatment.

What is a sports mouth guard?

A sports mouth guard is worn over the teeth to cushion the jaw and prevent damage that can occur from contact to the head or jaw. This small device is formed according to the shape of the teeth, gums, and mouth, and helps to absorb the impact

Who needs a sports mouth guard?

Whether you are a pro athlete or someone who plays for fun, wearing a mouth guard while engaging in sports provides necessary protection for the mouth and teeth. These include sports like basketball, baseball, football, hockey, gymnastics, and other athletic events where facial and oral injuries are common. Athletes are 60 times more likely to sustain injuries to the teeth without a sports mouth guard, often resulting in permanent damage.

Should I wear a sports mouth guard?
Yes — whether you are a serious athlete or you simply play sports for hobby, it’s important to include a sports mouth guard in your gear. We recommend a custom-fitted mouth guard for athletes who regularly engage in contact sports.

A common misconception in sports is that full gear and equipment are only needed in actual games. We recommend wearing the right protection, such as sports mouth guard, during practice as well. Sustaining an accidental blow from a teammate when practicing plays can be just as damaging as that from an opponent during a heated game.

Why wear a sports mouth guard?

The prime benefit of wearing a sports mouth guard is to protect teeth in the event of a collision, fall, or impact. Severe tooth fractures can expose the nerve of a tooth requiring root canal treatment. Extensive dental trauma can also lead to irreversible tooth damage or tooth loss which can impact your appearance, chewing and speaking. Mouth guards are a cost-effective way to protect and maintain teeth.

Shock Absorber Protection

Most injuries in sports result from direct blows, and mouth guards are designed to absorb the impact. Instead of directly injuring the teeth, mouth guards can distribute and absorb the force to prevent or at least minimize damage to the teeth and jaw.

Get a Custom Mouth Guard From Horizon Dental

For serious athletes and casual players, a custom mouth guard is a necessary and worthwhile investment. Custom mouth guards are specially crafted to perfectly mould the exact shape of an athlete’s mouth, ensuring proper fit and comfortable use throughout years of active play.

To create custom mouth guards, we start with an impression of your teeth, then construct a resilient, tear-resistant guard over the model. The result is a snug fit and better feel that provides protection and lasting durability over commercial boil-and-bite mouth guards.

Get Your Custom Mouth Guard
At Horizon Dental, we take pride in providing expert preventive care that perfectly suits your active lifestyle. This includes designing and crafting custom mouth guards to suit the needs of every athlete and sports enthusiast both on and off the field. Our entire process is built on the values of teamwork and performance — we offer coordinated protection for your teeth and mouth, so you can deliver your best plays on the field knowing that you have all the support you need.

For more information about the safety and performance benefits of custom mouth guards, call Horizon Dental at 905-475-5673 or contact us here.